rod mclaughlin

A bike crash - I'm unhurt, but the back wheel is twisted (02 aug 18...05 aug 18)

I'd just set off from Camping Zeeburg Too for Den Haag when a small garbage truck, occupying the whole of the bike lane, going in the opposite direction, crashed into me. The driver pointed out that I should have been in the bike lane on the other side of the road, which I realised is true, but surely he could have braked. Luckily, I avoided falling off the bike, but my back wheel is badly twisted. I dragged the bike about 2 Km to a bike store, and they're fixing it if they can, or replacing the wheel if they can't. 

Today it will reach 29°, which is not as hot as it is in London, but I can't pick up the bike 'til 15:00, which means I'll be riding to The Hague during the hottest part of the day. I don't have to go all the way there, and there are plenty of campgrounds on the way. I don't sail to England 'til the 5th of August, and Hook of Holland is only 85 Km from where I am now - in a coffee shop near the bike store.

So I'm working on my computer on a "Blockchain Explorer", written in Elixir. Don't look at it yet - it's nowhere near finished - However, as a result of being in Cafe Kuijper for several hours, I finally got AJAX-with-transaction-finder-in-the-background working. 

Correction - the campgrounds were full. I rode into Leiden, after a nightmarish ride through Amsterdam airport. It was like riding from Heathrow to Bracknell - the worst of Holland is like the worst of SE England. Leiden seemed like it was closed, and just consisted of office blocks, until I reached the centre, when I found a bar full of friendly people who called the campsites for me, found out they are full, so I looked up hotels on my phone. Google said the Ibis was €149, but Christian, a Brazilian I met in the bar, called, and they made it €96 including breakfast. I took it.

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