Rod McLaughlin

A comment censored on (13 dec 14) is my favorite climate skeptic site. Jo Nova is a science educator, and explains better than anyone why the global warming panic is completely fraudulent. She objects to the term "climate change denier" because it's obviously an attempt by the fraudsters to undermine their critics, not by scientific reasoning, but by associating them with "holocaust deniers". I disagree with that argument, and have often commented saying why. For the first time, though, she has disappeared one of my attempts to explain my argument.

This makes no difference to my assertion that she's the best skeptic in the business - more convincing, coherent and concentrated even than Anthony Watts.

My comment:

One of the few disagreements I have with Jo is her continuing use of the following argument:

“Our critics call us ‘climate change deniers’. This makes us sound as bad as holocaust deniers.”

This is hardly a robust stand for freedom of expression. The phrase “holocaust denier” implies two things: 1. the holocaust happened approximately as we have been told, and 2. those who disagree are deliberately denying it in order to advance their dangerous political views. Since you cannot read other peoples’ minds, this second argument is inherently wrong, and invalidates the concept “holocaust denier”.

“Holocaust denier” is not a worse insult than “climate change denier”. Both are politically-motivated lies.


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