rod mclaughlin

A holocaust survivor and some cute kids in Son La (18 oct 15)

The guy's eighty-two. The kids are too cute. I think that's the first time I've ever said or written those words in my life.

South-east out of Tuan Giao was a pass that seemed to involve a 1000m climb, which took hours. Then it was downhill all the way to Son La. I watched football with a friendly crowd in a restaurant. Next day I took off. It was still downhill, so I quickly got to Yen Chau. I thought I might as well press on to Moc Chau. This was uphill in the hot sun for hours. However, I'm here now, can find barbecued duck and steamed good-for-you green veggies (water spinach), and very cheap whiskey (I think they might have given me too much change by mistake). I'll stay here for two nights to recover, then I'll be fit for the next stage - Central Vietnam. The question is which road to take south, the easier eastern one or the more remote western one.

I ended up staying for three nights, as I had a cold. This was exacerbated by the miserable guesthouse I stayed in, Nogoc Anh, which didn't have windows.

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