rod mclaughlin

Da Nang and Hoi Na (12 mar 18)

Hoi Na is a tourist trap. I would never have heard of it unless a friend had told me about it. I actually missed it, and had to turn around twice to find the road to it, now I'm in a boring tourist town. I could have gone to My Son instead. It was the ruins of a Hindu kingdom until the USA bombed it into an even more ruinous state. Anyway, tomorrow I'll go further south.


Yesterday, I rode over the Hai Van Quan pass, and stayed in Da Nang. The pictures are from the military museum in Hue, first, a crowd allegedly put in a concentration camp by the "puppet regime" of South Vietnam, and second, a dramatic picture of the liberation of the South - a Liberation Army tank crashes through Thiệu's palace gate.

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