rod mclaughlin

Difficulties with Github's new security system (21 sep 21...18 oct 21)

EDIT 17 Oct: Found the solution here:


I created a new empty repo

I used this page to create a Personal Access Token,,

which looks something like  ghp_XyzXyzXyzXyzXyzXyzXyzXyzXyzXyzXyz123


I followed the instructions about creating the repo from the command line, including 

 remote add origin


I then did 

 git push --set-upstream origin master

It asked for my user name. I entered pdxrod. It asked for a password, so I copied and pasted the Personal Access Token

It said no dice, 403


So I followed the instructions I found at StackOverflow, editing .git/config to include 

url =

 git push --set-upstream origin master

Again, a 403.

Another issue is, why does GitHub think forcing people to use a 'token' instead of a 'password' makes it more secure? You can't remember the token, so you have to make a copy of it somewhere. I'm confused.



PS. I'm on a Mac, and there's no reference to github in my Keychain Access app

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