rod mclaughlin

Even the boat from Hook of Holland is nice (05 aug 18)

Unlike the ferry from Denmark to Norway, the ship from Hook of Holland to Harwich is full of nice people - apart from the brats. The staff help bicyclists, and even hand you a card directing you how to board and exit safely. Remember the colour of the deck you came onto. Mine is yellow. It only cost €7 for a bike instead of the €60 it cost from Denmark, the boat is a lot bigger, which gives me more room to explore it, and makes it more stable, it has internet on board, and guys dressed as whales trying to keep the rugrats quiet by entertaining them.  They just announced a punch-and-judy show and a magician, in English and Dutch. The room I'm in is showing football on the telly, there's a bar nearby, and a deck to look at the sea from. Just before entering this room, there is a sign saying "Quiet Area". This leads to a line of squawking, squealing sprogs, lining up for the cinema. If it wasn't for the anklebiters, Stena Line from Hook Van Holland would be the perfect maritime adventure.

I guess it's even friendlier in the other direction, because it will be full of people escaping from England to Holland.

I can see the scab port of Felixstowe out of the right side of the boat. They've just announced something in Dutch which is probably about disembarking soon, so I'd better start packing away my computer, phone, ham sandwiches and the cheap South African wine which I brought from Holland.


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