rod mclaughlin

Guess what happened to my comment in the Guardian explaining why free speech is not just for bigots (23 jun 19)

This was the comment:

Lindsay Shepherd was subjected to a Maoist-style inquisition at a Canadian university for merely showing both sides of the argument about whether transgender pronouns should be mandatory. It's only because she recorded it that she is able to sue. The Weinsteins were driven out of Evergreen, the Christiakises out of Yale, and Nobel prize winning cancer researcher Tim Hunt out of London University by grievance activists. It's not just academia. James Damore was fired from Google, in a supreme irony, because the head of Youtube said she 'felt pain' at being confronted with the argument that evolved psychological differences between the sexes MAY IN PART explain the underrepresentation of women in engineering. No, it's not 'bigots and boors'.

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