rod mclaughlin

Hanoi-Chiang Mai - 3000 kilometres without a flat tyre (13 dec 15...16 dec 15)

The picture is a bit misleading, because I didn't really enter Chiang Mai by bike. I got the train the last 300 Km from Uttaradit, after five days of cycling from Udon Thani, including two 130 Km days on hilly roads. The train is cheap, pleasant, and the mountain jungle scenery is gorgeous. I did approximately 3,000 Km riding, plus one truck ride, one bus, and one train. My tyres weren't new when I started, but I didn't get a single puncture. They are "Forté" by "Gotham St".

Now I'm in Chiang Mai trying to avoid spending all my time in bars and restaurants, joining a bike club and looking for rock-climbing partners. 

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