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How to get rid of a virus in Google Chrome (15 may 20...18 may 20)

The Google Chrome browser can become infected with a virus which does bizarre things like make your default search engine a different language (eg., and prevent you from changing it back to Google. Some suggestions are here:

This is what I did:

Exit the Chrome browser

Delete and/or Google from your /Applications folder

(You may need to enter your computer password)

Remove all references to Chrome in various places, using the command line from the Terminal (which is in /Applications/Utilities)

    sudo rm -Rf /Applications/

    sudo rm -Rf /Applications/Google\

    sudo rm /Library//Google/Google Chrome Brand.plist

    sudo rm /Library//Google/Google\ Chrome\ Brand.plist

    sudo rm /Library/Managed\ Preferences/EDGE/

    rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/CrashReporter/Google\ Chrome*.plist

    rm ~/Library/Preferences/

Download and install Chrome from

CORRECTION: after three days, a version of the virus reappeared. If, somewhere in your Chrome settings, it says "Managed by your organization", it is difficult or impossible to change your default search engine - the one that responds to what you type into the address bar. Currently, mine is stuck at At least it's not any more.


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