rod mclaughlin

How I ported a Rails 2.3 app to 3.2


First I installed rails 3.2 gem install rails -v=3.2.0 Then I generated a new Rails app rails new subcryption Then I copied the whole of the app folder from my old app to the new one Then I copied the config/database.yml from the old app to config/ in the new one Then I altered the contents of the front page, index.html.erb, like this: It was

    <%= image_tag( url_for( :controller => 'main', :action => 'image', :id => '1' ), :size => "500x375" ) %>

and now it's

    <%= image_tag( url_for({:controller => 'main', :action => 'image', :what => 'image', :id => '1'}),
    :size => "500x375", :class => 'quick', :remote => true ) %>

Then I edited Gemfile, so it looks like this: source '' gem 'rails', '>=3.2.0' gem 'therubyracer' gem 'rmagick' gem 'gruff' gem 'mysql' gem 'sass', '~> 3.1.3' gem 'coffee-script' group :test do gem 'turn', :require => false end Then gem install bundler bundle install --path=vendor/bundle That updates your gems with the gems in the Gemfile and their dependencies I always find routes.rb difficult. What I do, is make it as simple as possible, and have the controller actions sort out what to do from the parameters that get passed from the erb pages, through routes, to the controllers. Anyway it now looks like this: Subcryption::Application.routes.draw do root :to => 'main#index' match 'main/show' => 'main#show' match 'assets' => 'main#image' end and the controller sorts out the image drawing stuff. It used to have two methods, image and weather (for the two pictures on the front page of, but now it only has one, image, and it uses the parameter 'what' (see index.html.erb above) to decide which image it is rendering: def image @blob = send_data (params[ :what ] == 'image' ? @blob.image : @blob.scene), :disposition => 'inline', :type => 'image/png', :filename => @blob.file_name end Graph is a model, based on imagemagick and gruff. Some of it looks like this: dada = [1,2,3,1,5,2,1,0,0,7,8,4,3,0,1,1,3,2,2,8,7,7,5,0,4,9] g = g.x_axis_label = 'Years' g.y_axis_label = 'Degrees' g.marker_font_size = 16'temp', dada) return g.to_blob I copied the whole of public/images into app/assets/images, public/stylesheets into app/assets/stylesheets, and public/javascripts into app/assets/javascripts. Some of them don't need to be in both places, but some of them do. This is all to do with the 'asset pipeline'. Why the asset pipeline can't look in public/images etc. I don't know. To run it, it's 'rails server' instead of 'script/server'.

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