rod mclaughlin

I didn't set off for a bike tour at all (07 aug 20)

Turns out my tent is inadequate. It rains about 50% of the time. Someone told me it would be sunnier in the north, so I planned to go there. I had to get a bus at 09:00 from the unpronounceable MJODD bus station, and to get there, I had to take a short bus ride from the campsite to there. But I misremembered, and thought I had to get the local bus at 09:00. So I arrived at MJODD seven minutes after the northbound bus had departed.

The woman behind the counter knew nothing about which bus went where, and she suggested asking the drivers, who are about the only people in Iceland who don't speak English, or at least, don't want to. But it's not her fault I was late for the bus - people in the campsite and in the bank were happy to make phone calls and look online to find the routes I needed. 

There was another bus an hour later, going south. I'd wanted to see Heimay, which I'd missed on my trip two years ago, so I took it. It wasn't going all the way, but I found myself back in Selfoss, planning to get the bus and the ferry to Heimay the next day, to see puffins and the museum of the 1973 eruption. The only interesting thing in Selfoss is Bobby Fischer's grave. This time, there were other visitors to take a picture of me in the company of the great, but completely mad, chess genius. 

I cut short my trip because of weather. I'll come again, and plan to spend the whole of June and July cycling round Iceland.

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