rod mclaughlin

Installing Ubuntu Linux on an old Mac Air (10 jan 18...16 jan 18)

It took me a week, but it was worth it
The joy of seeing a real Unix running on a Mac
Apple puts too much "helpful" UI stuff in your way
The main reason I'm doing this is to compile the bitcoin daemon - the documentation is for Linux 
How to do it I found at

The above was a bit optimistic. It took me another five days. The trackpad (the little square in front of the keyboard that works like a mouse) didn't work properly. So I tried following the advice here

and the mouse and keyboard immediately stopped working, and I had to reinstall Linux from a USB stick.

The wifi is still not working, so I plugged the computer directly into the modem.

I then had numerous issues installing bitcoin from

but I found all the answers to issues like 

Makefile:498: recipe for target 'all-recursive' failed


Now, the bitcoin daemon is running, and happily filling up my 1Tb external hard drive with blockchain. Except when it fails to connect to the network because of my dodgy USB sockets, which perhaps became unreliable as a result of bike touring with an old Mac with an inadequate case.


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