rod mclaughlin

Lies about Vietnam (02 dec 15...04 dec 15)

I smell something burning, hope it's just my brains.
They're only dropping peppermints and daisy-chains
So stuff my nose with garlic
Coat my eyes with butter
Fill my ears with silver
Stick my legs in plaster
Tell me lies about Vietnam.

Of course, this poem refers to the British media repeating American untruths. But the other side told lies too. The Khe San museum gives the impression that the Americans were driven out of the combat base by the "Liberation Army". Twice. The American version is that they abandoned it because it had no strategic value. Historynet has a good discussion of the different viewpoints.

The Americans destroyed all the equipment which they left behind, so it couldn't be used, either for warfare or for propaganda. Most of the tanks and planes which are currently on display there were brought from outside. There is one tank which looks like it was made inoperable, so perhaps this is the one genuine piece of hardware from the abandonment of Khe San.

I got there via the national cemetery in the middle of the old DMZ, and met up again with the two British cyclists.

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