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More about Denmark (04 jul 18...05 jul 18)

In Randers I went to three b&b's shown on Google Maps. One no-one answered the door, and the other two didn't exist. I tried to get a SIM card in town, but the phone shop didn't do them, and they said I can get one from a kiosk, but it will only work in Denmark. When I got to the U hostel, a sign on the door said you have to phone them. Another hotel nearby didn't exist either.

I was tired after a 70km ride, and Randers is hilly, and all the fake hotels are at the top of hills. But I just continued up north toward Hvidsten, which has a hotel, but it was full. So I continued to Mariager, and stayed at a nice campsite by the water. It was about 20:30 when I arrived. It's light until late, midsummer in Denmark. In fact, the further north I go, the lighter it gets.

I did a 90km day, which means I have a day to spare at Hirtshals. This means I might be able to go to Norway on the ferry on 6 instead of 7 July, because, as it happens, England are in a quarter-final on that day.

Anyway, because of all this, I missed the England/Colombia world cup game on TV. However, the campsite had internet, so I saw in a new website that it was 0-0, then 1-0, then, naturally, Colombia scored in the last minute. I wasn't going to stay up and keep looking at the score during the extra time and the inevitable penalty shootout. I went out lke a light, having cycled 90 km. In the morning, I guessed that England had won on penalties, and I was right. 

In a way, I'm glad I missed the match. It would have been unbearable. I don't know why I follow football. It's all unbearable tension, unless you're 3-0 up (or down) at full time. Rugby I can enjoy, even if we lose the World Cup Final (2007).

Denmark is lovely at this time of year, but I wouldn't fancy it in the winter. 

Right now I'm in the Cabinn hotel in Aarhus. Not bad.

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