rod mclaughlin

Phoenix Life Assurance company nightmare (08 dec 16)

I've just succeeded in getting hold of £19,000 owed to me by an insurance company, over a year after I started trying. 

One time, they said they hadn't received one of my letters, and said to send it again. They still said they hadn't received it. So I faxed it. When I got back from the fax office, there was a letter from them showing they had in fact received my snailmail letter. They refuse to communicate by email.

On five separate occasions, they asked for different pieces of paper to be sent, each time saying it was the last one. These included a signed notarised copy of my passport, a utility bill, a bank statement, and three forms. One time, the man on the other end said a particular form would be the last one, and he'd send it to me. He actually sent me about fifty sheets of paper, almost all of it irrelevant, and I had to phone to find out where in this junk was the relevant form. They guided me to it, and I filled it in and sent it. Two weeks later, I phoned to ask "where's my money?", and the woman in the office told me there was another form to fill in in the middle of the packet of waste paper. So I sent that. The next time I called, they told me to send a bank statement.

No-one I spoke to knew all the things I had to send - each person only knew one of them, so each time I phoned, I was only asked to send one of them.

Phoenix Life, Lynchwood Park, Lynchwood, Peterborough, PE2 6FY


Portland London