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Pleiku to Phu Tuc and some real barbecued duck (28 mar 18)

I did a short run to Chư Sê, having spent the morning in an online lesson with I walked to the co-op and bought some bread and cheese. Next day, I got up early and did the 100 Km to Phu Tuc on what used to be route 7, where the South Vietnamese army got slaughtered in 1975. One reason for this was the poor condition of the road. It's not as bad as it used to be.

I'm continuing my programme of getting to the central highlands, then riding south-east down river valleys, then turning west again and climbing. It's a good workout. The thing is to get up early and avoid the heat.

This is a small town, but has a nice modern hotel called Hùng Vương. Even better, it has a duck place where they barbecue whole ducks and give you big chunks of it with salad. In Pleiku and Chư Sê, all I could find was duck in congee - which is rice porridge, and clearly an acquired taste. 

I'll stay here for two days, having another online lesson on Friday morning 30 March. I think it might be the way to go, since when I'm online, I concentrate, and don't get involved in long diversions in English, like I do with one-on-one lessons. 

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