rod mclaughlin

RailsConf 2008

Mon, June 2, 2008

I was fortunate in being able to go to this conference

Among the other exciting things I learned, I got set up with the source control system GIT

(I've posted some Java stuff because i haven't written anything good enough in Ruby yet :)
The last talk I attended was ActiveRecordAssociationsAndTheProxyPattern with Nick Kallen

I knew ActiveRecord depended on method_missing

Nick showed some of the other tricks - like removing all the methods of Object at runtime

This means rewriting the whole class framework on the fly

It makes other kinds of programming seem kind of wimpy

Why can't I dynamically rewrite Object in Java or C# if I damn well feel like it?

This guy rewrote ActiveRecord, test-driven, in about 45 minutes

Software conferences are usually just girls throwing t-shirts at geeks

There was plenty of that, but also the chance to meet some very smart people on the leading edge of software development

And not just web apps, but source control, cloud computing cluster management, all kindsa stuff

Made me realize I can't just learn a whole new paradigm in a few weeks - it'll take a while before I can commit Ruby projects to Github
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