rod mclaughlin

RESTful Java is anything but (03 jan 19...01 feb 19)

The tutorials are still completely useless. If you try to build an app from scratch, and follow the instructions exactly, it doesn't work. If you download what they claim is the complete project, and follow the instructions exactly, it doesn't work. Whether it's bloatware written in Eclipse by a million Indian contractors, or what claims to be a lightweight RESTful implementation of Spring, the instructions are always missing something.

Both of these direct you to download various files from various dubious and outdated sources, unzip them, and set paths manually. Bereft of life, they REST in peace. 

It's odd, how cultures grow around languages and frameworks. You wouldn't expect a Visual Basic application to be very well-written. You know that most of the world's Java is garbage. You also know you can rely on Ruby on Rails:



I've found some useful tutorials on RESTful Java. This is one of them:

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