rod mclaughlin

Reykjavik after an overnight flight (03 aug 20)

I ended up being awake for 36 hours, apart from a half hour sleep on the plane flying east. It's good to know I can still hack it. In Reykjavik airport, there's a special area for putting bikes together. I thought I'd lost my bike multi-tool. I went back to the airport, and eventually lost & found responded to me ringing their bell. They couldn't find it. I went back, and it was in a plastic bag I'd overlooked. With the aid of a biker called Maciej, I put my bike together and checked in to a hotel near the airport.

In the airport, they give you a Covid virus test. They tell you to go for another test four days later. Inside the airport, everyone is wearing a face mask, except young children. In the Icelandair office, there is a barrier 1 metre in front of the desk, the desk is about 1 metre deep, the people behind the desk wear masks, and they insist you do too. But as soon as you leave the airport, noone is masked. I'm the only person walking around Reykjavik with a mask.

There is hand sanitiser everywhere, though. I'm using it liberally.

Note the clothing in the above picture. It's 10° on the 1st August. It doesn't rain all the time though.






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