rod mclaughlin

Sure enough, I saw the Croatia game, and we lost (23 jul 18)

Since my last post, I've been to Kristiansand, not only missing the successful match against Sweden, but finding, along with five other cyclists, that it was the busiest night of the year - a festival. Even the campground wouldn't take us - including two children - they said it's not good for children as everyone would be drunk. So I stayed in a hotel for €160. 

In the morning, I bought a ticket for Drangedal, intending to meet my climbing friends at Hægefjell. But then, in a cafe with wifi, I discovered that they were leaving Hægefjell for Oslo, so I went there instead, and did some climbing in an area near there, and had a great time.

Since then, I've ridden back through Denmark, stayed at some excellent campsites and one bad one, and crossed two major German river estuaries by boat. I'm now on the west side of the Weser river.

The picture is of a pair of trousers. I found two packets of mustard in Rensburg, and put them in a pocket. I then stuck the trousers at the bottom of a pile of clothes in a bike pannier, and forgot about them. Luckily, I remembered before the mustard packets burst.

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