rod mclaughlin

Three strikes (10 nov 16)

I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand on Oct 27, when an Oregon jury acquitted several "militiamen" of the charge of conspiracy: After Malheur, patriot groups claim common cause with other protest movements

I was in Chiang Rai on Nov 7, when I read of the death of Janet Reno, the butcher of Waco. Near this town in Texas, on April 19, 1993, when Reno was attorney-general, her FBI set fire to buildings occupied by a religious cult, killing seventy-six people, including twenty-one children. 

On the morning of Nov 9, I was in a small town south of Chiang Rai. I had to leave the hotel at midday. The last thing I saw on my computer screen was "Clinton in trouble". 

After an interesting bicycle ride in intermittent downpour, I stopped on top of a hill for the cellphone reception. Donald Trump had unexpectedly won the election. It was like Brexit all over again. It was worth it to see the despair on the face of Reno's friend and collaborator, Hillary Clinton. And the arrogant self-righteous SJWs who supported her, and implicitly, the massacre at Waco.


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