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Trouble with a credit card buying the music of Henry Cow (17 feb 21)

I am very grateful to I can't find much of the avant-garde seventies jazz-rock band Henry Cow on, but I found their complete works on mp3va. A good deal for £20. But it cost me a lot more than that.

Looking at my credit card bill, I found a charge for $30 from I looked it up, and found it is a 'web templates' site. As you can probably tell from the low-grade CSS on this site, I don't buy web templates. So I sent an email enquiring about the charge to the email address mentioned on their site, No reply. Sent another. Still no reply.

So I asked the credit card company what it was. It took hours of discussion on Facebook and their chat app, but they didn't know either, but suggested I could question the charge. So I did. They immediately cancelled my credit card, and suggested I apply for another. I'm in Turkey, so it costs £30 to send it to me. I objected, and misunderstood the reply. I thought they could refund the £30, but they could only refund £5 of it. I had already ordered the card and paid for it before I realised this.

Then I got an email from mp3va, telling me that their bank had somehow used as the company for charging cards. And a form, saying I cancel the cancellation of the charge, to print out, sign, scan, and send back.

I have neither a printer nor a scanner. Luckily, it's easy to find a shop with these in Antalya, and a lot cheaper than it would be in the US or UK. I took the document on a USB stick, printed it, signed it, and got it scanned and put back on the USB. I even gave the guy a tip, which he had difficulty in accepting. They don't tip much here. But I didn't fill the form in correctly, so when I sent the signed, scanned PDF file back, mp3va politely asked me to redo it. I left the house again.

This time, I'd forgotten the USB which I use to transfer the PDF back and forth. So I had to go back to my house, get the USB, and go back to the shop. I got the form filled in, and finally, mp3va accepted it. But "The duration of the dispute and appellation consideration can take up to 90 days and depends on the issuing bank." - whatever that means. It probably means I still have to communicate with the credit card company, mp3va, their bank, or all three.

So far, it's cost me £45 and about half a day of my time.

It's still worth it. 222 tracks: Check it out.

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