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Trying to keep up with Rails 4 development (14 oct 12)

It's called 'edge' Rails, 'coz it's on the bleedin' edge. I'm trying to make the rockonruby app, contained inside gem routesfordummies, compatible with the latest Rails 4 beta instead of the one I started with a month ago.

A lot has changed. Look at this:

rails-4.0.0.beta as it was a month ago:
./railties/lib/rails/application/configuration.rb: @queue = Rails::Queueing::Queue
./railties/lib/rails/application/finisher.rb: if config.queue == Rails::Queueing::Queue
./railties/lib/rails.rb: autoload :Queueing, 'rails/queueing'
./railties/test/application/queue_test.rb: assert_kind_of Rails::Queueing::Queue, Rails.application.queue
./railties/test/queueing/test_queue_test.rb: @queue =
./railties/test/queueing/threaded_consumer_test.rb: @queue =

edge rails today: No Rails::Queueing
So my app currently doesn't work with Edge Rails, as everything in Rails until about two weeks ago depended on the existence of Rails::Queueing.


Got it working. The Edge Rails I'm using is:

commit 888a7a5bdc10bf5e2aceaad1cd40979a2388e4c0
Merge: eec8924 d6524d7
Author: Rafael Mendonça França 
Date:   Thu Oct 11 05:40:53 2012 -0700

Actually, RSpec fails, but that's because it refers to class ActiveModel, which seems to have turned into a module. It's not a very important part of Rails, anyway. And RSpec is just tests anyway. The website works!

(Note to potential employers: the above paragraph is supposed to be ironic).




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