Rod McLaughlin

You can't make it up LIII - the Guardian deletes another skeptical comment about global warming (31 mar 14)

I wrote: "As the greatest hoax in history collapses, its hacks get more hysterical. This article is a great read. One day, its author will surely claim it was always intended to be a parody." -

They also deleted a comment about the above comment: "My previous comment was deleted, with all the replies. It's a shame, as they were quite revealing. Joanne Nova, this morning: 'I dedicate this win today to the science journalists in the ABC, BBC, CBC, CBS or CNN, and to Roger Harrabin, Andy Revkin and George Monbiot — all of whom make it so easy for skeptical blogs to flourish. Their promotion of logical fallacies, one-sided reports, and rank name-calling paves the way, en masse for hundreds of thousands of disappointed, thoughtful, inquisitive readers to hunt online for something better.' Censorship also encourages scepticism."


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