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You can't make it up XC - the global warming shell game in a nutshell (20 dec 16...31 mar 17)

"Among Trump’s top officials, Pruitt, his pick to lead the EPA, perhaps offers the clearest record of how his climate change views will translate to action. Pruitt has denied the veracity of climate change, co-authoring an article for the National Review that stated “the debate is far from settled. Scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind.”  Actually, 97 percent of climate scientists agree global warming is occurring thanks to human activity, according to NASA."

Climate Science Monitor 

Read that statement carefully. Global warming is indeed occurring thanks to human activity. But that's nowhere near enough to lead to support for the agenda of the global warming movement. It doesn't say how much of the warming is anthropogenic, whether the benefits of CO2 and warming outweight the downsides, and how they have calculated that the benefits of reducing fossil fuel use to reduce those downsides outweigh the costs.

For the origins of the "97 percent" story, check out Brandon Shollenberger's 

"The Climate Wars: How the Consensus is Enforced".

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