Rod McLaughlin

You can't make it up XVIII - global warming, the Mayan apocalypse, and the Guardian (17 dec 12)

"Mayan 'death and rebirth' date marks the perfect time to tackle planet's crisis"

"'Progress' has brought ecological disaster and the wipeout of species. As the winter solstice arrives, we may not be facing apocalypse but a fresh start in our attitude to the world order"

Is this a parody?... you never know with global warming and the Guardian.

This article is about hi res photos of Mt. Everest, but because it's the Guardian, they have to bring you-know-what into it:

"An incredible new zoom photograph shows Everest in extreme detail, highlighting the effects of climate change"

This is technically correct, but misleading. Photos of anywhere on earth would show the effects of climate change. What they want you to think is that these photos of Everest prove unprecendented, anthropogenic, global warming. That is not the case.


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