Rod McLaughlin

You can't make it up XXXVII - the analogy between drug and climate hysteria (25 aug 13)


This superb article explains how the genesis of the "war on drugs" resembles the origin of the global warming scare. Only those "scientists" who toe the party line get government finance. Just as you couldn't get funded to show that marijuana is harmless, you can't get funded to show the evidence for anthropogenic global warming is over-estimated. I can only add that research into "artificial intelligence" in the eighties in Europe was similar. The European Union took money from taxes and used to to finance a multi-million mark scheme to make computers intelligent. Those of us who realized that, even if it is possible to reproduce the human characteristic "intelligence" on an electronic device, it would have to be millions of times more powerful than current technology allows, were told that our careers depended on keeping schtum. That's why the Royal Society ("nullius in verba") was originally founded - to be independent of the government. King Charles II understood this better than today's bureaucrats.


More on careerism and the corruption of science, from Joanne Nova and Judith Curry:


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